Hidayah Academy prides itself for having an accessible administrative staff. Our administration is currently comprised of a Head of School and an Administrative Accountant. As we grow further, we anticipate hiring a Middle School Principal and a High School principal. 

Head of School: Asmaa Elsayed, M.Ed George Mason University

Administrative Accountant: Rukiya Kazia, B.A. in Business Administration from Al Ghurair University, UAE


Hidayah Academy hires teachers based on their full understanding and ownership of the school vision, academic competency, experience in the education field, and ability to model best practices. We train all our teachers to be approachable, great listeners and friendly to teenagers.

  1. Ms. Hend Moustafa: Quran teacher
  2. Ms. Ban Abajy: Middle school math, Arabic, & Art teacher
  3. Ms. Sheenaz Salim: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Calculus, & Computer Science teacher
  4. Ms. Shaimaa Alazzawe: Middle school science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics teacher
  5. Mr. Zubair Masood: Middle school social studies, Civics, World History, Geography, & U.S. History teacher
  6. Mr. Abdulbasit Elsubaee: Middle school & High school English literature teacher
  7. Ms. Samira Gheyaszada: Middle school Islamic Studies teacher
  8. Ms. Asmaa Elsayed: High school Islamic Studies teacher
  9. Coach Laura: Girls P.E. instructor
  10. Coach Drew: Boys P.E. instructor
  11. Ms. Khadeejah Hamad: Assistant Quran teacher