Fundraising Page


Dear respected community members,

Thank you for visiting Hidayah Academy’s fundraising page. We pray you and your loved ones are safe and in good health in these uncertain times. During this novel Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak, our operations and annual Ramadan fundraising efforts have been severely impacted. By the grace of Allah we continue to provide educational services to all our students, including those whose families can no longer afford to pay their full tuition because of the current economic situation. However, to keep up with our work, pay our teachers on time, and cover our building expenses, we seek your support now more than ever. Please use the form below and donate whatever you can, so that we can continue to offer our services to the community. 

Why should you donate?

Hidayah Academy is a non-profit school that relies on community support for its operation and implementation of its vision. Your donation will help facilitate the realization of this vision.

What are we going to do with your donation?

Your tax deductible donations will be used to cover any deficit in teacher salaries, rent and building expenses, and covering the tuition of students in need.  Zakat donations will be used towards students who cannot fully afford their tuition.

What is our legal status?

Hidayah Academy operates as a 501C3 under the non-profit corporation: Northern Virginia Education Initiative. This non-profit corporation was formed for the purpose of establishing a full-time Islamic School in the Northern Virginia area. As such, there is no individual, family, or institute benefiting financially from it’s operation. The fees, tuition and donations that are collected are used to operate the school, purchase supplies, pay staff salaries, and help support students in need of financial support to pay their tuition. All financials are governed by the board of directors, and will be made available to the community in a transparent manner.



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